Will Next-Generation Firewalls Nix Stand-Alone IPS?

Firewall vendors are in the business of providing network security, and as network security challenges evolve, so must firewalls. As a part of this natural evolution, the firewall security engine has integrated intrusion prevention system (IPS) and other deep-packet inspection capabilities. At the Black Hat USA 2012 conference in Las Vegas, there were some indications that Gartner's prediction that by 2015 NGFW deployments will consume at least 50% of the stand-alone IPS deployment market is on track.

The first sign was literally a sign. Well, it was actually a chart from an NSS Labs group test report that had been made into a sign and hung at the conference. Steve Erickson, director at iT1 Source and a Dell SonicWALL reseller, told me more about the trend of firewalls overtaking IPS and the option to sell a stand-alone IPS versus a NGFW+IPS.

Read the full article at TechTarget: SearchSecurity (US) to see which IPS elements are of most concern when evaluating a NGFW with built-in IPS.