Cyberinsurance: Assessing Risks and Defining Policies - Part 2

Image source:  Article

Image source: Article

As was captured in the previous Part 1 article on SearchSecurity, cyberinsurance has become a bona fide market in recent years, attracting interest from a variety of enterprises and producing billions of dollars in revenue. But the market has also become complicated in terms of assessing risk and developing policies based on those risks. A key reason for this, as demonstrated by the infamous Target breach, is that businesses have more to worry about.

Large organizations may consider cyberinsurance a must-have, but this can't be the only factor to consider.

And, while coverage is generally determined by the risk an organization faces with respect to the potential for loss of both data and revenue, unfortunately, there is little historical data for the market to rely upon.

This topic is explored in much more detail in Part 2 of this SearchSecurity article by Sean Martin.