Information Security - Connecting The Dots

Is there a clear path to end-to-end information security in our future? Cisco's recent announcement of partnerships with security industry vendors is a step in the right direction. It is one of several ways that enterprises can expedite what has been, to date, a time-consuming a la carte processes for choosing information security solutions. This is an important milestone for the information security industry. CIOs & CSOs alike should take note of this collaborative move. Upon a successful delivery of a validated set of integrated systems by Cisco and their supporting partners, CIOs can finally develop a comprehensive information security program that can actually be implemented without vendor-chasing and technology-juggling. By following the solution guidelines and related implementation guides, information chiefs and their staff will be able to connect the dots that are appropriate for their environment, their business, and their operational risk.

It appears we are moving toward a clear path to achieve end-to-end security. Is this a path you'll be looking to take?

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Article by: Sean Martin, CISSP