Mass Amounts of Data Creates A Name for Itself, Big Data

The increase in data proliferation has also caused an increased need and opportunity in information security. While not new, the idea of “Big Data” has gained a tremendous amount of steam in the market. How much data are we creating you ask?

From the article, “Each day, the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, according to IBM, meaning some 90 percent of the information alive today was only born within the last two years. Each sector in the U.S. economy is responsible for at least 200 terabytes of stored data, says a report from the McKinsey Global Institute.”

As the world works away, creating more and more Big Data, the need for information security continues to become a critical element - both to protect the data and to use the data to better protect the environment in which it resides. It is imperative that companies realize how important is as a benefit their business.

Our very own Sean Martin, founder of imsmartin consulting, offered his own advice on the issue stating, “Perhaps no two verticals deal with security and Big Data more than the information-intensive industries of financial services and health care.”

To find out more about the "Three V’s of Big Data" and how to use the information to aid your company in developing a Big Data-driven security practice, read the full article on SC Magazine.

This article is from the full April 2012 Issue of SC Magazine