HP Helps Deliver Mobility for Australian Students

theCube began its live coverage of the ~11,000-attendee HP Discover conference in Las Vegas today. Wikibon founder Dave Vellante and Wikibon analyst Stu Miniman kicked off the interviews with Gregory Bell, an HP customer and Head of Technical Services for Ballarat Grammar School in Australia. Vellante asked Bell how they deal with competitors when it comes time to purchasing new equipment. “We most certainly look at other vendors for servers, storage, notebooks, etc. – we put them all on the table, make our comparisons, and perform our due diligence,” Bell replied.

Bell described one of Ballarat Grammar’s more recent and tasking projects driven by the school’s initiative to provide a 1:1 pairing program for its senior students. With this program, the school opted to provide every student and staff member with his/her own HP Netbook running Windows 7 and a copy of the full version of Microsoft Office. Ballarat Grammar’s biggest hurdle with this initiative? Handling all of the additional devices connecting to the network via mobile hotspots throughout the school.

One of the key challenges described by Bell included that, at any given time, the network could have as many as 500 mobile devices connected. Bell said that HP’s wireless network and servers, 99% of which are virtualized, are running Windows in VMware and are managed by vCenter, allowing up to 900 devices to connect at any given time – all viewing rich content such as classroom videos from YouTube.

Read the full article by the imsmartin team on SiliconANGLE and watch the video to see and hear the list of some of the key challenges that HP helped Bell overcome at Ballarat Grammar School.

IBM Acquisitions Deliver Storage for the Rest of Us

The Edge conference in Orlando, FL is IBM’s opportunity to show off its wide range of storage solutions to the world. While IBM is typically known for its large enterprise offerings, some of its acquisitions highlighted during the conference make this year’s Edge “the storage coming-out party,” as said by Wikibon founder David Vellante. Wikibon analyst John McArthur and Wikibon founder Dave Vellante were fortunate to spend some time with IBM systems storage VP, Bob Cancilla (full video below). McArthur and Vellante prompt Cancilla to reminisce a few years back into his 27+ years with IBM to answer a few questions on IBM’s acquisitions, their strong go-to-market strategy, and insights into the future of storage at IBM.

The golden child of IBM's storage portfolio is IBM’s XIV offering, which is growing 30% per quarter. This is a significant number when compared to the single-digit figures captured and presented by IDC in a recent report coupled with last quarter’s earnings from EMC, a firm that relies heavily on storage and reported a down quarter. “XIV had $2M at the end of 2007, then $200M and $500M,” said Cancilla. “We are tracking quite nicely to becoming a billion-dollar entity,” he added. “It is evident that XIV is gaining share, despite some serious bumps in the road,” said Vellante. Cancilla was more than happy to confirm.

What's the future look like for IBM storage? Read the full article by the imsmartin team on SiliconANGLE and watch the video here.