Community Shopper

Community Shopper

Group-based e-commerce platform brings people and deals together

Community Shopper brings shoppers and sellers together so that everybody in the community thrives. Shoppers join together to get the best deals on great products. Vendors connect with shoppers who want their products, removing the need to waste valuable marketing resources to track down individual buyers. But that’s not all – Community Shopper gives back to the greater community as well – so when you Share the Power at Community Shopper, you’re giving back to your community, too.

Solution OvervieW

  • Group-based bulk sales: Community Shopper is designed to drive purchase-primed customers to your campaigns. You set the quantity that must be reached within a limited time for the sale to be completed. Because interested buyers want the offer to close successfully so they get the deal, they are highly motivated to share your offer with their own social network to ensure your target number is reached.
  • Automated social network marketing: Supply us with key words and phrases for your product and click submit. The full force of Community Shopper's social network marketing plan instantly springs into action, spreading links to your offer not only across the entire web via search engines (like Google and Yahoo!), but also into relevant discussion threads taking place on Twitter, Facebook and other popular social networks.
  • Multiple, integrated online marketing networks: With Community Shopper, your campaigns get automatic access to multiple marketing channels: search engine optimized website designed to propel your products to the top of Google and Yahoo! searches; iPhone Application that maintains contact with buyers on-the-go; real time, relevant offer connections through integrated network services such as Twitter; and a dynamic banner ad service - the most comprehensive and powerful marketing package on the web!

At Community Shopper, you are in control. You set the terms of your offer, you collect payment from the buyers, and ship the product. We do the rest ... and we do it well!