Are you mobile? Are you social? Your prospects are.

You have your website built, but you want to provide additional value to business and/or your clients by providing them with additional tools and services. This could include Twitter-enabled applications, Facebook applications, iOS apps (iPhone, iPad), Android applications, and more. Rely on imsmartin to help you define, design, build specifications, implement, test, and launch your applications with the highest quality possible - on time.

  • Market Requirements: Market sizing, competitive analysis, business analysis, and ROI
  • Product Requirements: Business/customer/technology requirements, build/buy/partner
  • Product Design: Use-cases, technology, workflow, scope, lifecycle selection
  • Project Management: Scheduling, task/risk management, and status reports
  • Website Development: Website planning, design, development, and launch
  • Windows App Development: Planning, design, development, and launch
  • iPhone/iPad App Development: Planning, development, account creation, and launch
  • Facebook App Development: Planning, development, page creation, and launch
  • Twitter Integrations: Planning, account creation, development, and launch
  • Android App Development: Planning, development, account creation, and launch