Are your sales teams and partners delivering what you need?

Defining the target market, identifying interested leads, qualifying the prospects, and converting them to a satisfied client is what it all boils down to. You must manage the end-to-end sales management process with purpose in order to ensure the steps are properly defined, the flow is efficient, and the outcome controlled. Let imsmartin help with your business development efforts, including the development of the sales process, sales tool implementations, and lead management activities.

  • Corporate Development: Identification and negotiation of strategic business relationships
  • Technology/OEM Relationships: Product and technology due-diligence and integrations
  • Sales Management: Complete sales lifecycle management; lead generation to deal close
  • Sales Processes: Sales lifecycle efficiency and prospect engagement analysis & planning
  • Lead Generation: Customized & integrated advertising, promotions, and events
  • Inside Sales: Cold-calling and lead follow-up services; campaign & event-driven
  • Lead Management: Lead follow-up and meeting scheduling services
  • Channel Programs: Channel planning, development, management, and marketing
  • Sales Tool Configuration: SalesForce setup, configuration, and automation