Make it interesting, consistent, relevant, and timely

Consistent messaging and positioning throughout your entire set of content and communications is critical. These components become the common thread through which all of your web content, sales and marketing collateral, and all other forms of communications are developed. Let imsmartin help with the creation of your content and communications:

  • White Papers: Technology-focused thought leadership assets, custom content & layouts
  • Case Studies: Client-based assets, interviews performed, and quotes garnered
  • Solution Briefs: Solution/Partner-focused assets, custom content & layouts
  • Competitive Briefs: Competitive-focused assets, analysis, tests, content, and matrices
  • Newsletters: Complete newsletter programs, articles, ghostwriting, and email campaigns
  • Website Content: Complete site content, product/solution content, and collateral/assets
  • SEO Content: Search engine optimized content, keyword selection, managed analytics
  • Email Marketing: Integrated email campaigns, text/html, email services provided
  • Blog Marketing: Custom blog content, blog distribution, social networking enabled
  • Press Releases: Press release creation, industry-specific wire posts, SEO-enabled posts
  • Data Sheets: Product & business-focused assets, custom content & layouts
  • Brochures: Company-oriented assets, mission, branding, messaging, and positioning
  • News & Opinion Articles: Custom articles, ghostwriting, and pitches to publications
  • Audio & Video: High-quality audio and video creation, social media distribution