Looking for leads in all the wrong places?

When building out your marketing program, it is important to know who the target market is, how to connect with them, what interests them, who you're up against, and what it will take to get them to act on your 'offer'. imsmartin can help you identify and understand each of these components with the end result being a 'one-two' punch model that your prospects simply can't ignore.

  • Integrated Programs: Complete marketing plans covering print, online, and audio/video
  • Branding: Create your vision, mission, values, image, logo, and style guide
  • Messaging: Messaging analysis, messaging creation, and content creation/updates
  • Positioning: SWOT analysis, industry analysis, market analysis, and target market plan
  • Promotions/Ads: Ads & promotion creation, graphical design, print/online/email (sample)
  • Product Reviews: Media/Industry monitoring/selection, engagement, and management
  • Website Development: Complete SEO-enabled development & campaign/landing pages
  • Search Engine Marketing: SEO analysis, planning, implementation, monitoring/analytics
  • Paid Search Marketing: Keyword-driven campaigns [Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more]
  • Blog Marketing: SEO-enabled blog comments, reviews, and analytics
  • Webinars: Online seminar management, presentation creation, event hosting
  • Press Releases: SEO-enabled press release creation and multiple wire posts
  • Press Relations: Industry & market monitoring, press/media interviews, press queries
  • eCommerce: eCommerce advertising as a service [Community Shopper: group buying shopping cart]
  • Analyst Relations: Analyst selection & management, quotes and report inclusion