Who Missed Facebook's Bounty Party?

Facebook recently announced a bug bounty program with an aim to improve the security posture of its massively-popular social network platform. However, Facebook should use its recently announced vulnerability bounty program to push for more security in third-party applications that run on the site. In case you missed it, here's the issue: Facebook is focusing on its own engineering efforts related to its own platform. Granted, Facebook shouldn't have to pay a bounty for third-party defects, but Facebook should encourage its application partners to develop and host their applications securely.

Taking this view beyond Facebook, in an effort to help the larger social network ecosystem improve its overall security posture, Cenzic is offering free health checks to all major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Additionally, Cenzic is also offering a 25% discount to any and all third-party applications running on or within these social network platforms." This limited time offer was officially announced today. More information about the service can be found here.

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