Getting Active/Active with Email Compliance: An IBM Customer Story

During the IBM Edge conference, live from Orlando, FL, theCube was able to capture a number of customer stories, including a session hosted by Wikibon analysts John McArthur and David Floyer in which they engaged with Tim Harvey, CEO of Perimeter E-Security, both an IBM customer and partner. Harvey described Perimeter E-Security’s value proposition as one that provides “more secure and reliable email services for mid to large enterprises at 50 percent less than the cost of managing the service in-house.” Harvey delivers on this value proposition by moving beyond basic email hosting and simple email archiving to a business solution that provides hosted email or hosted exchange services surrounded by a complete set of security and compliance capabilities such as email hygiene, encryption, and archival.

When asked by Floyer what drove Perimeter E-Security to select IBM as a partner, Harvey quickly pointed to IBM’s infrastructure solution set and their comprehensive services offerings. “IBM is capable of helping us to define and implement the most appropriate topology and architecture, doing so with a lot more flexibility than the other vendors evaluated,” said Harvey.

Read the article and watch the video to see how Perimeter E-Security is able to implement both active/active [and] active/passive solutions, based on the business need.